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University Commons - Move In/Move Out Info

What is the schedule for move in week?

In early August your future apartment, bedroom, and roommates within University Commons, along with their email address will be available on our website  (Please make sure to provide us with your PSU email address)

Move in will be Tuesday, August 16, 2022 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

What address should I put in my GPS?

Input 1013 Residence Drive, Lemont Furnace, PA 15456 into your GPS.

Are televisions provided?

No, you will need to provide your own televisions and computers along with the appropriate cables in order to connect to these services.

Is the internet wireless?

It depends. We provide one hard-wired cable internet service hook-up at each tenant's desk. You must bring your own ethernet cable to connect your computer to University Commons internet service. However, you could also purchase a wireless router and connect your laptop to the internet via wifi.  You must set this up on your own.

What else should I bring?

We do not provide any kitchen utensils or diningware, bath mats or towels, linens (for a full-sized bed), pillows, or a shower curtain (of 36" width).

I requested a roommate in my tenant profile. Will the request be honored?

We try our best to honor such requests, but it is not always possible. Once the room's assignments are posted on the web site, they will not be changed.

I made friends in other apartments, may we move in together next year?

If the space is available with a total of four roommates that are signed up for the following year, we will attempt to honor your request. However, you will be personally required to move your belongings before you leave for the summer.

May I have friends stay over?

Yes you may, but in order to protect your fellow roommate's privacy and comfort, overnight guests are limited to 5 nights per month.

When do I have to move out?

The move out day is the Saturday after the last day of finals. Anyone not signed up for the summer or following year must be out by 3:00 pm that day.

If am returning next year, may I keep my apartment for the summer?

Yes, if your apartment number/room doesn't change. Occasionally, we have to move tenants around to accommodate for incoming students. This is rare but we will notify you of any change in advance.

I am not coming back next year, but have summer classes. May I stay?

You may.  Your rate will be a flat fee for the summer of $500.

However, we do not encourage students to stay for the summer due to disruptions from annual maintenance on the buildings.

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